Founded in 1969, Process Engineering & Fabrication, Inc. has a long-standing reputation of meeting and exceeding customer needs. Originally located in a 13,000 square foot facility that includes a full machine and metal fabrication shop with precision tooling, we are now integrated into a larger group.We have a long history of meeting customer demands with spiral freezers and custom spiral solutions to reduce labor and alleviate electrical and material handling needs. Charley Marckel started the company in 1969 and built his first systems in the 1970’s under a license from Ashworth Brothers. Many of these spirals are still in use today.

Over the years Process Engineering & Fabrication has been a market leader in compact spiral freezers for the food processing industry with the Mini-Spiral and the Super-Mini.

Our commitment to quality, customer design, and lean manufacturing continues today as we produce cost-effective solutions for the many industries we serve.