Our state of the art facility can easily machine custom parts for your spiral conveyor. Our engineers will come to you to survey your facility and gain first hand knowledge of your needs and your installation site. We will work with you through the initial quote, design, and installation process to ensure that you get the perfect spiral to suit your requirements. Components and spirals are tested in the PEF shop for quality and functionality.A large range of in-feed and discharge options, as well as multi-conveyor or double-tower spirals, are available for diverse production needs. The Series 500 and Series 1000 Spirals arrive completely assembled! You need only provide the refrigeration, and piping to the condenser unit and the plant wiring.

Spiral Features
•     Freon, ammonia, Liquid Nitrogen of CO2 refrigeration packages
•     3-phase power according to the facility voltage
•     Fast air defrost, hot gas, electrical or hot water are possibilities
•     Adaptable conveyors for any plant layout
•     Customizable Configurations
•     Numerous infeed and discharge options
•     Stainless steel and plastic belts
•     Common refrigerant temperatures down to -40°F
•     Multi –Product or Multi-flow processing
•     Variable Speed Conveyors
•     Controllable temperature and humidity zones
•     Durable and long lasting welded construction
•     Wide range of high quality stainless steel and plastic belting available
•     Sturdy NEMA4 rated Control centers
•     Easy to maintain and service quickly with non proprietary components
•     Wash Down ready installations
•     Belt washers, total cleaning, and sequential defrost

Additional options include
•     Advanced Internet ready control panels
•     HEPA filters
•     Belts with side guards and additional product positional aids


  • Custom Spiral Conveyor >

    Our custom built spirals are specially designed, with throughput capacity ranging from 200 to over 20,000 lb/hour.

    We are known for providing energy efficient spirals to suit customer needs. Options include different external panels to match your plant needs, belt-washing units, sequential defrost and external drive mounting.

  • Series 500: Mini-Spiral Freezer System >

    • 7 ft. X 12 ft. X 10 ft. in your plant
    • 500 pounds per hour throughput
    • 12 inch wide conveyor chain

  • Series 1000: Super Mini-Spiral Freezer System >

    • 10 ft. X 18 ft. X 9 ft. 4 in. in your plant
    • 1,100 pounds per hour throughput
    • 18 inch wide conveyor chain